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Now I know there are many threads on this topic but I did not find one this specific. I bought a UD3 REV 3.0 from Canada Computers after them telling me it was REV 4.0, I specifically asked for 4.0 because I knew the 3.0 had many problems. Before I bring this board back I just want to make sure that will the REV 4.0 correct the problems 3.0 had? I intend on running a FX-8350 on it and peoples are saying that the REV 3.0 is throttling the CPU (which I do not want) and it gets insanely warm.

Main question is will the REV 4.0 of this board fix all the problems with the REV 3.0? And could the 4.0 handle a 8350? Should I shoot for a UD5 instead (I haven't heard problems about them)?

If you guys have other motherboard suggestions around the same price point which is a well rated board, and has similar specs.