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3D Gaming on LG HD 3DTV ?

Poll Results: Which is better/VFM of these ?

  • 50% (1)
    Tridef AMD HD3D
  • 50% (1)
    Nvidia 3D Vision 2
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    Any other solution apart from these 2 (If so please mention in comments :) )
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Hello fellow members,
I am a bit of a noob when it comes to 3D stuff tongue.gif

I recently bought the LG 42LA6620 Cinema 3D HDTV

I tried a few 3d movies and really loved it, now am thinking of Using it for playing games in 3D and as it only supports interlaced passive 3D im a bit confused.

I tried the native 2D-3D mode but the effects in game were almost non existent, so i tried Tridef which was quite good compared to the native 2D-3D conversion(But i had to reverse interleave to get better results, probably because my right eye is the dominant one tongue.gif )

I basically want to buy a new GPU which is beastly enough for 1080p 3D gaming but its completely dependent on what i will use with my games to play them in 3D.

I have heard about the AMD HD3D aka Tridef and Nvidia's 3D Vision.

Which of these would be a better choice considering my TV's capabilities.

Am really confused to what is the best way to use my TV for 3D gaming.

It would be really helpful if you guys could help me out in making a wise decision here smile.gif
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To push 120 fps you need a strong GPU, your CPU could hold back recent new GPU's.

Either you decide to play with lowered graphics settings or you have to change the CPU to something a bit more recent.

I would suggest hte GTX 770/780 to be able to reach 120 fps with med/high settings.
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Tridef for 1920x540 per eye passive 3d. Make sure you are sitting in correct distance from tv or you will see fpr lines.
One r9 290 should be enough as the set isnt capable of 1080p/120.
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I know my GPU ain't capable, planning to get a R9 280X or a GTX 770, but i can't change CPU as of now, but surprisingly i haven't faced any kind of relevant/noticeable bottleneck from my CPU in any game till now.

Also what do you mean by set not being capable of 1080p/120, afaik that's an HDMI limitation right and not that of the TV itself.

But then again i tried playing nfs hp 2010 yesterday and was getting more than 30-40 fps on avg although logic states that even with HDMI 1.4a you can only get 30fps, does that thing applies to 3d only or for even 2D gaming on the TV through HDMI ?

Last question, is Nvidia 3D Vision Kit required if i want to try the 3DTV Play software ? and which is better overall in terms of effects, Tridef of 3DTV Play(will only consider buying it if there is no 3D Vision buying requirement) ?
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No tv set except few highend models is capable of accepting 1080p/120hz signal. Yes, it is because of hdmi limitation. Max you can input into your tv is 1080p/60hz.

Tv set you have uses "passive" 3d technology so 1080p/120hz input would be useless for you anyway. Passive 3d means that tv simultaneusly shows two 1920x540 images (at 60hz) and watching the content through glasses creates 3d image.

Nvidia 3d vision kit is for monitors that support 1080/120 input so you definitely dont need that. Tridef works for sure, nvdia 3dtv play Im not sure, check compatibility list.
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