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Need a decent and sturdy Wireless KB + M combo

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I am in need of a wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo but not really sure on what to buy.

I don't want any fancy features, just a basic combo but it should be sturdy, i mean the keys and the mouse buttons should be willing to take a lot of abuse, as these are gonna be in the hands of a gamer tongue.gif

My budget cannot exceed 2000 Rs.( More or less 32 USD ).

I have selected this one as of now,

Please tell me of its any good or if there are better combos available for same price ?
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The link doesn't work. Why do you need wireless? Could you use a wired keyboard with an extension cord? I would recommend that you look at a mechanical keyboard, there is a thread about them that is stickied in this forum. Most mechanical keyboards are wired but some are wireless though they can be more expensive. Mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive but they will last longer and not need to be replaced and since you said that you wanted a durable keyboard I would go for a mechanical. Now for the mouse I would ask on the mouse forum because they know more about that, but mouse is down to personal preference, such as what feels good in your hand and has the features that you want.

Oh I see your budget now, well a mechanical keyboard may be a little too expensive for you, so just look for a wireless keyboard from a well known company, like logitech.

So something like this then

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I know that, but i will be playing on my TV which is in the hall and not in my bedroom,and having to wire it all up every time would be pain, that's why i specifically need a Wireless combo, and yeah mechs are awesome but they cost a lot more than 32$ here.

Also i was looking at MK 520 now as i went to logitech showroom and found the mouse with MK 320/330 to be too small, while MK 520 was perfect.
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