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Need advice on Bitfenix Prodigy case mod.

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Hello all,

I have been cutting into my bitfenix prodigy to allow for a 3 slot GPU. Because of this the motherboard will have to be pushed over which I made the necessary cuts for. However, this also means that the mounting holes on a mini ITX board will not line up with the stand offs that pre-exist in the case.

The stand offs were spot welded so they cannot be easily removed and then moved somewhere else. Also, the motherboard will now be resting over two of the holes that would have been previously used for cable management. See here:


So basically I would appreciate some ideas on how to overcome this.

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I'm not sure how far you are into your mod so this may or may not be helpful.

If moving the motherboard causes so many issues with alignment to the motherboard tray they you should consider moving the entire tray. You would have to trim off the motherboard tray at the holes for cables and remove the bent lip which holds the PSU on the other side. It looks like the tray is riveted on so its reasonable that your could remove and reinstall the rivets as necessary. you will have to take a close look and see if this is feasible.

If that's more work than its worth and you would like to just move the stands I would recommend drilling them out from the underside. once you drill through the plate where the spot weld is they should just fall off. you might have to add another piece of sheet metal on top of that because your new stand locations will be over the cable management holes. I would recommend drilling and tapping the new stands so that you can always remove the stands in the future.
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Stand offs like that are quick and easy to cut with a Dremel and the right cutting attachment. If you don't have one or can't get a hold of one, it may be pricey for you to buy one if you'll just be using it for that.

Adding a piece of sheet metal after removing the stand offs sounds like a good idea, but there's one gotcha for doing that. Elevating the surface even by a small amount may misalign the motherboard ports with the I/O shield, so check the height of your new stand-offs on top of the metal sheet for a proper fit.
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