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First of i would like to say hello as this is my first post. Was browsing for some time but didnt create account untill now.

Now to the problem:

At beginning of the year I cleaned my palit gtx 260 sonic, took of the plastic case with fans and cleaned everything from dust. After that my card started to make this vibrating buzzing sound above 30% fans speed and it sounded like this sound was going away after I stopped one of the fans which was the one closer to power connectors. I took the card apart and assembled it again twice but that didnt help so I thought that this must be sign of that fan failing or I damaged something while cleaning it.

Few days ago I bought MSI gtx 650ti boost twin frozr and to my suprise new card also makes strangely similar sound when fans are above 50%. You can hear what 650ti sounds like in here and it also dissapears after I stop the same fan as in gtx 260.

This time I did more things trying to elminate this without success and what I did was:
1. Stopped all fans in the pc so gpu fans were the only ones spinning.

2. Took card out and put it back making sure its sitting well in the slot also tried to screwing it with 1, 2 and no screws.

3. I tried running pc with case lying on left and right side, also tried with case being in the air so it wouldnt touch the ground.

4. Took out my mobo to make sure nothing is under it between mobo and case and screwed it back again making sure everything is tight.

5. Tried to put delicate pressure with my finger on different spots of the card.

6. Tried running pc with psu and hard drive outside the case to elminate them as possible cause of vibrations.

Computer with both gtx 260 and now 650ti is totally stable, nothing is overheating, no crashes or instablity. I really dont know what to think of it now, next week I will be trying to find a pc that I could test both cards in but it wont be easy as everyone I could think of have old computers with unsuficient psus etc.

Sorry for long post but I tried to be precise in describing the problem. Any advice and help would be really apriciated.