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Aside from our reference NF-P14 FLX, the PH-F140HP/TS had the best acoustics of the fans in this roundup, having a much cleaner profile than the latest offerings from Noctua. At higher speeds it sounded buzzy and turbulent as many fans do but at 900 RPM and below it was almost completely smooth, aside from a very faint clicking audible only at close proximity at 700 and 550 RPM.

Sample variance was minor. Of the three samples we had on hand, the white variant produced a slight tone at lower speeds while the black model was a tad whinier at full speed than the blue. The blue version used in our test had a superior sound though the other two were very similar.

The Phanteks produced excellent temperatures down to 700 RPM and only a very modest drop-off when moving from 700 to 550 RPM, earning it the best cooling result at this RPM of any fan we've tested.

* It's for people that want color choice, really. smile.gif

FrozenCPU has the same price but they charge shipping.

TigerDirect also, but you know how TigerDIrect is rolleyes.gif , the only other official retailer in USA for Phanteks is Newegg Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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