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Hey there everyone, been looking at build logs on this forum for a while now but just made my account recently. I'm an engineering student at uni and I am looking to build a powerful PC to use for school/play. My question to all of you is, should I be running workstation class graphics or desktop graphics? And of those, which do you recommend as far as price/performance?

Academic programs I will be using on this machine: Matlab, CATIA, Creo, SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite, Mastercam
I MAY also use the Autodesk suite (3ds max, maya, autocad, etc)

Gaming performance is also important.

I will be using this system with either 1 or 2 1920x1080 monitor(s) or 1 2560x1080 monitor.

I am wondering if it would be wise to get a firepro or quadro card rather than radeon or geforce? Also, for the applications listed, which card architecture and supported functionality (amd or nvidia) would provide the best performance?

On a side note, is it possible to run a radeon card and a firepro card in the same system? Would the drivers be able to manage the two cards and properly allocate the workloads?

Lastly, what cpu would you guys recommend for this type of system? Would you run an fx 8350 or an intel part? 4770k? 4820k? I know there is quite a large price difference between these cpu parts, but they seem to have similar performance for my type of system, just wondering what you think.

Thanks for the help!
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