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7970 CF Custom Water Loop Help

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This is my first post on this Website, so please, excuse my ignorance to any mistakes I make. smile.gif

Anyway, I have dual Sapphire 7970's Dual X OC editions in crossfire. The exact same ones:


I have them on my Asrock X79 Extreme4. They have 1 slot between them but their 2 and 1/2 slot coolers make it hard for them to get any air or for me to put the 2nd car on the lowest, 8x slot, because of the cables under it (the power cable from my power button ect.)

So my Gpu's overheat any given time, while playing games. Bordrlands 2 goes up to 85C in 20 min in multi. Same w/ Crysis 3, fc3 ect.

I am running 3x Benq2460 @5760x1080 (6000x1080)

And yes, gpu fans are @100% all time when playing, god forbid them being less. The fact that it sounds like a lawnmower also irritates me.

I thought about gettin 2x Artic Accelero hybrids, but they are also 2 1/2 slots in size. I need my 3rd slot for my 6450 powering my 4th monitor.

Anyway, i just decided-custom Waterloop time! My 3930k is already eing cooled by Corsair's H100i.

Here are some questions:

-are my gpu PCb's reference? This will help w/ choosing a full water block or te MCW82.
-Should i get something like the Swiftec Mcw82? I want to OC my core from 1000 to 1175-1225mhz and my Memory from 1425-1550. Now, I want to know, If id get the mcw82, would the memory and VrM on the PCB overhea if i'd get some aluminium heatsinks for them (because of that OC)? Or should i get a full Gpu block? For th full gpu block, i was thinking XSPC Razor 7970 new edition

Ill post the other component here, probably tommorow, because im kinda in a hurry now.

Te other things basically consist of one front bay reservoir, 1x MCP 655-B, 2x XSPC 120mm rads, and I would need your help w/ the fittins, tubing, because i have no idea, what I'm doing...

Thanks, you guys!
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Nothing, huh?

Well, I hope this helps anyone, I choose the parts needed, but again... need your help with the compatibility of it all... Parts:

-WaterBlock x2: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/17614/ex-blc-1379/XSPC_Razor_HD_7970_Full_Coverage_VGA_Block_-_New_Design.html
-Radiator X2: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14326/ex-rad-314/XSPC_EX120_Single_120mm_Low_Profile_Split_Fin_Radiator.html
- Pump 1X: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2128/ex-pmp-27/Swiftech_MCP655-B_12v_Water_Pump_w_38_Conversion_Kit_317_GPH.html
-Y-Splitter x2 http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2288/ex-tub-27/38_UV_Reactive_Leakproof_Y_Fitting.html
-Tubing X10 (10 feet): http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2121/ex-mis-01/38_ID_-_12OD_PVC_Clear_Tubing.html
-Barb X5 (2x for each rad, 1 for reserve, do i need more?):
-Compression Fittings for GPU Block (X4):

I just need sum help with the Tubing-barb compatibility. Any help please?

Would the blocks fit on my gpu, if it's not reference?
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