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I have bought me a used/new cpu (it's surpose to be new, but at the price of a used cpu) a i5 3570k, my old cpu is a I5 3470 and i can actually get 65-70 % of what i had to pay for my i5 3570k (i bought the i5 3470 used)for my current cpu.

I have this mb and cpu cooler
i get about 36 degrees celsius almost idle, using prime95 i get 60 degrees +/- 1 degree with my i5 3470 oc'ed to 3.8 ghz on all cores and 4.0 ghz with turbo.

.I havce tried to serach the internet for some rewievs , threads about it but couldn't find one (although a I5 3570k cpu is very popular)

My Questions are:

What is the ideal vcore for 4.2,4.4,4.6 and 4.8ghz (if i have a perfect cpu)

What is my target ghz when i want it to be noticeable faster then 3.8ghz on all cores 4.2 or 4.4ghz as a minimum? (target temperatures is max 70 degrees celsius, and i want my cpu cooler to be quiet,silent which it is at the moment)

Does anybody know of a review of how different the scores in games and general internet use is at different ghz, i would appriciate it, because i can't find a review where they try to find out how much difference more ghz would make in games and general internet use, that could give me a clue to how much i have to oc my cpu. (twitter,facebook,youtube,skype,vlc, wmp, and games like on facebook or old arcade games which isn't that hard on a cpu like modern games) It's just all about knowing exactly what to type to get result's basede on what i am looking for, i failed at that