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HI guys. I am for a few years now a HAF932 owner and have been very happy until yesterday frown.gif I was able to pick up two reference 7970 to add to my 7990 on my Z77-UD5H motherboard.. I was in shock when I went to add the last GPU... 7 expansion slots lol.. The thought never crossed my mind since when I first purchased this case I was running 3 x GTX280 in SLI, but I guess with a different motherboard slot configuration. So my question is concerning rad space if I were to transfer all of my belongings from a HAF932 to a HAF-X. Currently I run an xspc RS360 with 6 120x25mm fans in push pull up top and an xspc ex120 with 2 120x25mm push pull fans in the rear. I am wary of not going push pull because I really am at my limit of cooling with a 5ghz processor and a 7990 under water with these two rads. So will they fit? The HAF-X seems to retain all the things I need other wise, I am just reading that it is a little bit smaller. Thanks in advance!