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Hi Guys
Ive been waiting till Intel did the revision for there USB problem till I bought a Impact . I do know most retailers have the new Intel C2 Asus Impact mother boards but some still have old stock. I just wondered if any one knew if it was I identifiable on the packaging the Asus Impact came in? Or serial numbers it started with
Any help would be appreciated smile.gif

Well I took the plunge and bought the Impact with revision 1.02 just have to wait till I boot it up and check I guess

I ran a temp cooling loop to check for water leaks from the res and radiators went ok , then made shortened down the original 24 pin and 8 pin mother board leads Ill test them next week and now Ive made the MDPC sleeved cable set for the CPU lead but my Lamptron Pin removal took broke so I have to wait till next week so I can make the sleeved cables for the 24 pin just thought it a shame to waste the original thin leads sitting in the box so I mad two sets so I can change the look a bit Ive cut some Aluminum to make the Himuro hard drive cover bracket( same as" Long Roads" MINI ITX monster build and made a cover for the pump and also made a cover so the start and USB leads will not be seen Ill bend them at work tomorrow
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