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For Sale:
[FS] Asustor AS-602T 2-Bay NAS w/ 6TB storage space LIKE NEW

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Payments: Amazon Payments (preferred) or Paypal
Heatware: JimPhreak

Asustor AS-602T 2-Bay NAS with 6TB storage (CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT INFO)

This NAS is basically brand new. I bought it less than a month ago for the sole purpose of transferring data between my old file server and my new one. I had planned to use it for backups after that but now that my fileserver has 12TB of usable storage I need a bigger backup solution.

The NAS is spotless and I've upgraded the RAM from 1GB (stock) to 3GB (max supported). I've upgraded to the latest firmware as well and I was getting over 100MB/s transfer speeds between my file server and this NAS which is fantastic for a pre-built NAS system. I have to say I really love the Asustor AS line of NAS' which is why I'm looking at their 8-bay option for my backup solution. They look AWESOME as well and are built wonderfully.

With the NAS iteself comes 2 Toshiba 3TB DT01ACA300 hard drives. I received them on Oct. 19th from Amazon (I will provide receipt if necessary). I used the NAS once to copy files off my file server and then once again to copy to my new file server. Other than that it has been offline.

Buyer will recieve the NAS with both hard drives pre-installed in the original Asustor box with EVERYTHING the NAS came shipped with. This NAS goes for $400+ without the drives (which go for $120 a piece).

PRICE: $500 shipped

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