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Hello people, I am building a custom 4 channel fan controller for my 900D. Since if you take off the front bay cover you are stuck with these ugly gaps, I am planning to drill 4 holes into a bay cover to mount a 4 potentiometers that are connected to multiple transistor. I really do not want to shell out ~100$ for an aquaero 5 even though those are insanely good fan controllers. I am currently in the planning phase. I used this guide as a baseline for my own controller. I do not know much about electrical wiring but I made my own 4 channel fan controller schematic based on his manual control fan controller. If there are any mistakes in the schematics, please tell me. Also, please ignore the poorly wired 3 pin fan header because I did not research the wiring diagram before I made the schematic.

I have not decided whether I will keep the switch or not. The circuit on the left will be dedicated for pumps if I decide to put the switch in and the 3 circuits on the right will be dedicated for fans. The switch will be there so I can run passive when I am not doing anything intensive. The guide calls for TIP41 transistors nor 2200 microfarad 16v caps but radioshack does not have them so I will be using TIP31 transistors because they are lower spec TIP41s and 2200 microfarad 35v caps since they are higher spec then the 16v caps. I will mount a heatsink onto the transistors to help dissipate heat. Also, I am looking for the male 3 pin fan headers that you can solder on.

Parts List:
Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 : TIP31 NPN Transistors
R1,R2,R3,R4: 10k Ohm potentiometer
C1,C2,C3,C4: 2200 microfarad 35v capacitor
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