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Made an account here a few weeks back, was just reading build logs and preparing to post mine, thought i'd make a post here as i found something relevant wink.gif

I built my system 4 years back now, running an i7 920 with a GA-ex58-EXTREME, and at the end of last year i purchased a 24gb ram kit and have been pleased.

I've only been running the ram at 1600, as thats all i've been able to get it stable at without to much effort (i'm lazy when it comes to overclocks).

The original ram i had bought was a (6x2gb) Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz, and i was having some serious issues with stability even at stock clocks, although i think it was a join problem with my graphics card at the time which was a gtx 295.
The new kit i bought is now unavailable at amazon, but i have found it on ebay, and its pretty cheap at around $130

After upgrading to this ram, upgrading to a GTX670 and buying a 120gb corsair force 3 SSD, i have removed all instability, and am able to run Battlefield 4 on ultra with v-sync turned off at a res of 5040x1050 on my 3x22 inch monitors without cpu overclock.

I must say that the extra ram provided a big increase, but if you are running an ssd it may not be as much of an issue.

Edit: i looked past the original point of the post
No, the 950 isn't holding you back at all, my 920 with a 670 produces no bottleneck with no overclock and running at only 3.2ghz it runs even bf4 really well.
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