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Hello everyone!

I recently just made some upgrades on my current main build and have a few extra parts laying around so I figured why not make use of them. This is the case from my first built computer, since then I've upgraded to a Storm Stryker. This case is by far my favorite case on the market currently but is not ideal for me to lug around being a full size tower and water cooled.

This became the perfect opportunity to allow my old Elite 430 case to be reborn!

My idea was to make it the ultimate, flashy LAN case. I wanted to go all out on mods since I wasn't really losing or risking anything. I wanted to take the chance and try my hand at modding my first case.

So far the ideas I have come up with include:
- Bright metallic paint
- Tinted side panel window
- LED strips all around the case
- Small mounted speaker built into the case
(I will update this as I think of more ideas and also any good suggestions from you guys)

So without further ado, I present...


Chapter 1: The Paint Job

So the first step was obviously repainting the case. As you can tell from the name of the project, the color I chose was gold. The reason I chose such a bright almost obnoxious color is mainly from an inside joke with a couple buddies of mine. They always tell me I have ivory tower syndrome (hence why I know have a Storm Stryker rolleyes.gif). So when I brought the idea up to him about having a separate LAN rig and that I should paint it, without any hesitation, my friend responded "All gold everything."

This project is for fun. My idea is to have the most over the top case, to really fit my ivory tower syndrome. Gold is a bold move and I guaranty I will get plenty of comments stating it's too much or very ugly. That's the point. I want to show up with my case at a LAN and have a laugh with everyone. I'm not trying to impress or outdo anyone. So before you start typing out a hateful comment, take a step back and lighten up. Laugh along with me and have fun!

Here are some before/during/after pictures:

First time spray painting and tinting. It came out better than I thought in my mind. Next I'm going to order up some LED strips to light this case up!
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