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LG 29EB73-P vs Korean 1440p Monitors

Poll Results: Where to Spend my money

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    LG 29EB73-P for saving money and problems
  • 25% (1)
    LG 29EB73-P for being ultrawide 1080p
  • 75% (3)
    Korean 1400p for sure, wait the money and pay the taxes... it is worth always!
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Hi Guys,

Well, it's time to upgrade my monitor (my monitor isn't widescreen yet, and I have a good machine). I live in brazil, so custom duties and taxes are a big problem for me as I live in this **** country. I found into a retailer this monitor:


And after doing some math, I think this monitor will be less expensive to buy than a 1400p monitor shipping over the sea to brazil, and also, I'll have warranty (and I live near a LG warranty store, for note). What do you guys think? It's a good product for gaming and programming or will be the best WAIT for more money and buy the 1440p monitor? The difference between buying this ultrawide monitor and importing the 1440p will be about 100~200usd (counting taxes) and the fear of receive a piece with some problem (no warranty).

I know that 1400p images will be superb, but I want some opinions.
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I"m in the same boat as u here.. i thought this LG wide screen would be good cuz it has 75hz refresh rate which is better than most usual 60hz...and wider of course.... not sure. I'm still waiting on more input... i almost bought a Asus VG278HE 144Hz 27.0" Monitor earlier today but good thing i didn't cuz there has been some issue regarding laggness when game only capped at 60hz and appear crappy on 144hz but better on 120hz... I have decided to broaden my search into 75hz refresh rate range min. And i found this LG monitor with wider viewing range... but only 75hz. rolleyes.gif
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I don't think many games support that aspect ratio, at least not yet. If you are planning on gaming, I'd get a 1440p one instead.
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Hey mates,

I have brought the LG 29' monitor and I can say that I'm very happy with this. In the beginning I was very confused by its wide screen and different aspect radio, but after a while, it is just awesome! If you are FPS addicted like myself and do other job that requires space (eg programming, photoshop, xv...) it will just impress you!

Now I'm living in Australia for study so I left my monitor at my Brazilian Home, maybe I'll bring a Korean 1440p monitor as a second screen. rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif
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