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Corsair H55 -how to proceed?

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I just ordered a Corsair H55 Hydro to replace my ****ty AMD stockfan, along with a Corsair silent pro 120 to replace the Hydro fan.
I am new to overclocking cpu's. And have no problems following a guide to clock my cpu.
If anyone have any experience with the same speccs I have or can link me a guide it would be much appreciated!

Specs PC
  • AMD Athlon II X4 651 3.0GHZ 4MB socket FM1
  • Asus F1A55-M XMS3
  • Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600mhz

Specs Corsair SP120
  • 2350 RPM, 62.74 CFM, 35 dBA

What do you think I can get my Cpu up to in a safe manner with this new cooler?
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The Corsair AIO Coolers are pretty good in their own right. My Phenom ii x6 on an H80i overclocked to 3.8Ghz maxes out at 45-50c under full load, so if we take the fact that you are running an x4 Athalon then the H55 will be a great cooler for the amount of heat the CPU will generate. My best guess would be that you should be able to get to a stable 3.8Ghz overclock with little trouble.

Another thing to look into is knowing what settings to change in your BIOS to achieve certain speeds, an example of my own is that I had a Voltage regulating problem so under load my CPU would hit 1.6 Volts, which is just craziness. Turned out to be a setting within my BIOS that took some tracking down called "LLC" (Load Line Calibration) which needed to be set to a "Regular" level, down from an "Extreme" level. So there will be things that you may not get hammered down until a few trips through your BIOS to get familiar with its settings.

Now overclocking is still something I am working through myself, so I am not going to claim to be the all knowing power, but there are some threads that I found helpful which I will list here for yeah. I'll also share some the things I looked out for when starting to Overclock.

This thread is the Official thread for your CPU so I'd suggest taking a read through some of the posts to see if anyone else has had good levels of Overclocking on it, and ask them for a bit of assistance. That is what I did back when I started, jumped into an Official thread about my CPU and even my Mobo(Sabertooth 990FX) as there were helpful posts regarding the BIOS settings, and asked for any help that could be given, which didn't take long to get either thumb.gif

Some BIOS settings I looked for were:

Cool n' Quiet -- Off
Turbo Core -- Off
CPU and PCIe Spread Spectrum -- Off
LLC -- Regular or Off

That is just a few I can think off the top of my head.

Hope I was able to offer at least a shred of help tongue.gif
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If I manage to clock it to a stable 3.8 id be flying trough the roof! That would be ******* awesome!
My mobo is low-end **** I think. I got It at a very good price few years ago. Can the mobo be to bad to handle a cpu overclock?

Thanks for the heads-up in BIOS settings, I haven't gotten to know my BIOS yet, but this sure is the time for it.

I don't really know anything about how to adjust the voltage and stuff but I guess the guide covers it.

Hope my stuff arrives before the weekend so I can hardcore geek all day, in and out biggrin.gif
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Lol I hear yeah about Geeking it up! Plan on modding my Antec case this weekend thumb.gif

To be honest your motherboard plays an important role, if it is a low-end board OC'ing might be a bit more of a challenge but you can probably still get something happening. Better boards will have better Capacitors e.t.c.. which leads to an overall better package.

When you do get to looking around in your BIOS there will be sections for adjusting whether or not you want things to be Auto or Manual. If you select Manual it gives you the options to set in your own voltages which is what most people will do when overclocking, but there are some that have found good results with keeping it on Auto.

The best thing to try is when you get your stuff, grab Prime95 (program for benching CPU's) and run a Blend Test on stock settings. This will give an idea of where you sit before you start to add in more heat to the chip. If you find that you are sitting in a good spot then you know you will be okay to clock it a little higher (not sure what max Temp will be but anything under 40C is great for stock under load, I am assuming this of course).

Then once you have an idea of where you sit at Stock clocks then start to bump things up little by little, and take notes! Some may not feel the need for them but I took notes on where everything was at stock and then wrote down what each of the adjustments I made where, this was merely something to refer back to if something happened at a certain clock.

Once you get the shtuff it will be easier to point out what settings to start adjusting first.
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