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I'll double-check tonight but I think I tried that and thought it was too tight, with the sound card almost touching the silver ring of the lower 7970, which seemed a poor idea.

Would the two 7970's still be a better bet than a single 290x? I tried Crossfire some time back with 4800's and had more trouble than it was worth, in terms of crashes, BSODs and less than stellar performance. Obviously, that was a long time ago and drivers/cards have changed but it put me off, when I could go the simpler route of the higher end single card to max out any current game on one screen.

I'm tempted by Eyefinity, however, especially for motorsport games. I assume two cards would be a big plus there?

I would still get a R9 290X.
Less trouble, good horsepower and you should be able to push all games in eyefinity easily.