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P9X79 LE bios flashback

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Hello there, tomorrow i have the above motherboard arriving. I am able to update the bios on it for my IVY-e cpu withoyt a cpu in place. Although when looking up the flashback feature it only shows other versions of this mobo on the site, and the file name you should use. http://event.asus.com/2012/mb/usb_bios_flashback_guide/

So i was wondering if anyone knows the correct file rename to use as im baffled.

Unless its just P9X79LE.CAP
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Asus do have the latest BIOS (4502) for that mobo on their site under the support category:


And once downloaded and extracted yes you rename the CAP file from:

P9X79-LE-ASUS-4502.CAP >>>to

Then save it to a blank but fat32 or fat16 formatted USB and put the USB into the flash BIOS slot and press the flash button for three seconds until the light starts flashing, after a couple of minutes of activity the light should go out and.....viola BIOS updated!!
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Cheers for that, ive used a rampage iv formula in that past so ive used the feature before. I was just unsure on the file name as it wasn't listed.
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Just so i dont mess this up, am i ok to flash from default bios straight to 4502 which is a later bios supporting IVY-E. Also i noticed from downloading all the bios files show as .CAP. So im ok to use them as they are?
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Yes you can flash straight to 4502 no problem. However if you're going to use the flash slot and button the filename has to named precisely, so make sure you rename the file: P9X79LE.CAP thumb.gif

Actually I remembered that there was a problem with early BIOS versions, I think any BIOS older or less than 1203 was in .ROM format and you have to download a renaming utility from ASUS website that converts .ROM to .CAP. So just check your BIOS version first and if it's higher than 1203 you're fine to update as before with the .CAP file.
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