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Hello everyone. I am new in this forum and currently trying to look for a solution here, because on other places people did not know or did not bother to help me. So I try my luck here, hope I can find help and use this forum also in future.

I bought this graphic card few weeks ago from a campaign sale and I decided to buy one

The graphic card is running at 1050MHz, 1256mV and I can overclock into 1100MHz while being stable in games.

However, I have a problem that I can't change voltages. I have tried several programs:

Sapphire TRIXX - It does not me to allow increase voltages higher than 1256mV.

MSI Afterburner - There is no option to change voltages, not at all.

ASUS GPU Tweak Tool - This program actually allows me to put voltages higher, but when pressing accept button, and even burning/rebooting, it does not really change those voltages. The program itself shows 1300mV for example, but when I go to run some tests, GPU-Z and HWMonitor are still showing voltages at 1256mV, and I can't overclock without getting crashed or artifacts in screen, meaning that voltages are still constant 1256mV.

I am kinda disappointed to have a problem like this, because all previous graphic cards I had absolutely no problem to overclock and find some extra punch for games.

So the question is, how the heck am I able to overclock this piece of.. AMD card..? sadsmiley.gif

Also, do I need to touch Load Line Calibration or Power Target?
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