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Okay so I have had my MSI Twin Frozr Gtx 560 Ti for about 1 3/4 years now and I believe over time it has significantly dropped in performance. When I first started playing Battlefield 3 around January 2012, I could run the game on High with no AA @ a solid 60fps @ 1080p. About a year ago I noticed that my fps was not staying at a solid 60 anymore. It would dip down to the high 40s every now and then. Eventually I just said **** it and continued playing Battlefield 3 on Low. In Battlefield 4 I can play on Low at a solid 60fps. If I even increase one setting to medium or higher my fps literally does a 360 kickflip off the golden gate bridge and drops.

PC Specs-
2500k @ 4.0Ghz
8gb DDR3 1600 Ram
MSI Twin Frozr Gtx 560 Ti

Before you say anything about my 2500k overclock, yes I should overclock it to at least 4.5Ghz. Well, I can't. My motherboard is a Asus p8p67 LE. It doesn't let me manually adjust the voltage. As of right now the 4.0Ghz clock is using an outstanding 3.5 volts. The only time I had it higher than 4.0Ghz was when I had it set to 4.3Ghz. While it was stable, it was using a whopping 4.3 volts and after about 3 weeks my motherboard shorted out and I had to RMA it.

Another issue I've had for almost a year now is that only in Battlefield 3 & 4 some objects render like they are on a track and fade in and out. Example being when I am in a car and there are guardrails along side the road, they wont all render. It pops in and out as I drive down the road. Also I can see through certain objects in both games yet as soon as I ADS I can't see through it anymore. A few people have said it may be the lack of VRAM. Seeing as it only has 1GB I could understand it may not exactly be up to the task of Battlefield 4 but my friend who has a 6850 with 1GB of VRAM has no rendering issues. This happens on Low and Ultra graphical settings.

Pictures in the spoiler. I'll add more later. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I have not made any attempt to overclock this card. After looking at other peoples GPUz with the same card I have noticed some differences. The main differences I see is the Pixel Fillrate which is almost half of what every other 560 Ti. I don't know if that is a huge factor or anything but it is still half.

When Battlefield 4 is loading maps I have noticed my CPU goes up to 100% usage but after the game loads it drops down to 50% ~ 70%
I keep my GPU between 60c ~ 70c.
All drivers above 314.22 cause my screen to lock up and mouse to freeze in place.
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