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do they all overclock to 120hz?
They are not all guaranteed to overclock to 120Hz, but you should be able to get 96Hz at least. It all depends though. I think there are only a few users who weren't able to OC at all.

Read the FAQ. As whether going 1440p is worth it, in my opinion it truly is. I don't have one yet, but going to Micro Center they have some on display, and just how beautiful the monitor looked got me hooked. Unless you are into real competitive FPS gaming, you should totally consider a 1440p monitor. The colors, the amount of pixels, really just everything about them is awesome. If you more on a budget though I'd totally get the QNIX or X-Star. I see no reason for paying $200-300 more for an ASUS or some other big company to be honest (besides a better warranty.) QNIX or X-Star is the way to go. thumb.gif