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Help with fan splitter PCB.

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Hey guys I live in Canada and I'm having a REALLY hard time finding a PWM fan splitter cables/PCB

Something like this is what I want.


NCIX won't and hasn't had any for months now.

I also don't want to have to pay a ton for shipping. Are there any alternatives or something similar that you guys know of?
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This is the only thing I could find that compares. NCIX still has some, but it looks like there's only 2 left. Other than that, I'm coming up empty. thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif


Edit: you can also check out FrozenCPU if you really can't find anything. They're a really good shop to deal with, but located in the US so shipping is going to sting a bit. For something this cheap, you won't have to worry about duty at the border (IIRC, anything under $20 is exempt). Anyway, I know this isn't ideal, but I thought I'd throw it out there as an alternative.
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