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I'm looking to purchase a new 27" monitor for next gen console gaming. Right now I'm using a Rev A00 Dell U2713H which I had bought to use with my PC and it works fine but now that I'm FPS gaming a little more competitively I'm looking to switch to a monitor that's better in terms of lower input lag and less ghosting.

My only requirements is that it be non-TN and at least 27". I tried 24" with the new Eizo FG2421 and just prefer sticking with 1080p on the 27" because for console gaming the larger pixels don't effect the image that bad and I can just see things more clearly when everything is a little bigger.

The the two I'm looking right now is the LG 27EA63V-P from Best Buy and the new Dell P2714H. The Tft-central review shows the P2714H has much lower input lag and no real noticeable ghosting compared to the U2713HM and U2713H that I have now but the response time is mostly the same:

Any console gamers here with suggestions?
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