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First of all, my rig:
Intel 4960x @4.752 GHz
32 gb patriot division 4 viper extreme ram at 1734 MHz
Evga supernova nex 1500
4x evga gtx 680 sc in quad sli
Asus rampage iv extreme
Full watercooling loop with all gpus, MB, and CPU included.
Windows 8.1

Second, my problem:
I ran 3dmark 11 on my non oc'd gpus on performance, and got P25444 on my score, I then proceeded to overclock my gpus using Msi afterburner. I ran my core clock up to +50 and my memory clock up +350 and I got a score P23860. I ran my core clock up to +75 and my memory up to +400 and it started artifacting so I turned it down to +60 core and left the memory at +400 and got the score P23400. I turned the core down to +25, and my memory up to +450 and got P24800! Why is my score worse when it is overclocked? I got my core voltage up +100 mv.
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