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Q6600 + Asus p5p43td OC issues

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Hello everyone, i've been trying to overclock my q6600 to 3.0ghz or even higher but i always face the same problem. When i run prime95 (small ffts) my systen shuts down. No Blue screen, it just shuts completely after 1-2 mins. My cpu temps are about 38(idle) and 65-68(load). My motherboard does NOT have the same settings as the asus P5P43TD PRO version on Vcore.

My PC specs are:

CPU=Q6600 and Cooler = Artic Freezer Xtreme rev 2.0
MOBO= ASUS P5P43TD (not the pro version)*
RAM= 4gb Kingston 1333Mhz CL 9 Hyperx Blu
GPU= EVGA 650 ti Boost Superclocked 2gb
PSU= Thermaltake Hamburg 530w 80+ Certified with 38A on 12v Rail.
Monitor= 19" LG Flatron 720p Res: 1360x768
Hard Disk= Seagate Barracuda 320gb 7200rpm 16mb Cache
Using Windows 8.1

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!
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Like a complete power down? Do you have to manually turn it back on? If so I would guess faulty or dying PSU.
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Yes Complete Power down. I have to start it manually again from the main start button.

The PSU is no longer than a month old!

How am i supposed to check if it's really my PSU that has problem?
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hard to tell i doubt its over loaded by any means. that's why i think it could be faulty. do you have another video card?
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Nope , just a single evga 650ti boost 2gb with 450w minimum requirements as far as i know!

I tested my system on stock speeds and volatge (cpu @ 2.4ghz with 1.275v) with prime95 small ffts and it didn't shut down. I left if for 30minutes and everything was good.

Is it possible that this PSU can't handle even a small push? As far as i remember, my old PSU which was OEM and 400w was able to run stable my q6600 at 3.0Ghz at 1.350vcore and on a G41 Chipset MOBO!

I changed the PSU in order to be able to handle my GPU and then couldn't run stable at 3.0Ghz for any longer....

Shall I contact Thermaltake about this issue or they would tell me that this PSU is not able to overclock at all??

EDIT: According to this site, my PSU can handle an i5-2500k clocked @ 4.4Ghz at full load and having a gtx580 in the build.

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Tried my friend's PSU (Corsair 760watts) and i have the same problem. I used his RAM too and nothing changed at all.

I am afraid the system shuts down due to overheat. Idle i have 45-50 celsius and on full load the CPU reaches 78c before shut down.

I have an Artic Freezer Xtreme Rev 2.0.

Shall i buy a new freezer or my cpu has the problem? I remember that even in stock frequency, temps were pretty high under load (65c)
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The CPU gets to 78c or the CPU cores?

What are you using to monitor the temp? I can see the system shutting down from the CPU getting that hot.

The Tcase (CPU) 71c and the TJ max is 90 - 100C.
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I am using Coretemp and i see all 4cores going higher than 70c
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hmm that's not bad. i'm sure its something in your bios settings. send us some of yours settings if you don't mind.
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1.jpg 545k .jpg file 2.jpg 604k .jpg file 3.jpg 487k .jpg file 4.jpg 461k .jpg file

Hi freakb18c1, i've attached some images from my bios settings for 3Ghz!
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