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Originally Posted by NaroonGTX View Post

The RAM is okay at ~1600mhz, so that shouldn't be the problem. Generally 1.5v is okay for big overclocks, depends on if you're willing to deal with the extra heat it can generate. But 1.55 and above seems a bit much for such a small OC, but I've seen similar voltages for people who made it to 3.7 and 3.8ghz on Llano.

CPU-Z showing different voltages is normal I think, it's part of Cool n Quiet pretty much. The processor will downclock itself when it's not doing much to lower heat and power consumption. When it does this, it also drops the voltage accordingly.

The thing that puzzles me is the freezing. I would expect it to be stable at 3.5ghz at the least. Maybe you'd have to lower it down to 3.4ghz?

Ive had it running stable for 1 hour + now with the RAM set on AUTO, you can see my HWmonitoring in the post above.
Should i do anything about the Voltage? And if so, do I do this by changing the CPU Offset Voltage down to 1.412V from the 1.512V im running now? Or is there some other option to turn down the voltage? And by the way, it's jumpin over 1.512V too, almost 1.6V.
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Yeah I think the offset is responsible for that jumping around stuff. Definitely fiddle with that and see how it plays out until you're comfortable with the behavior. Looks like if you're stable now, it should stay stable if you can get the voltage to stop freaking out. thumb.gif
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