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Corsair rma experience

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Just wanted to share my experience with a recent corsair rma.
There were actually 2 rma's. Bought a hx 850 back in 2010, and about 9 months ago it started shutting comp off when it got any kind of load put on it. Arranged a rma they even paid for return shipping. Well life happened and I wasn't able to send in the rma so instead i bought a corsair cx600m to hold me over so i can use my computer well around the 15th of last month the cx600m self destructed took out my ssd motherboard and powersupply. Filed a claim with corsair again, i got both them figured out this time. I mailed the hx850 2 days later i had a bnib one at my door. I mailed my motherboard and the 600m in and they tested it and found it to be there fault so they reimbursed me for my motherboard and on my asking sent me fans instead of the cx 600m. Was a great experience and i will tell anyone who asks about anything they make to buy it customer service/support is #1 They accidentally sent me the wrong fans and are sending the right ones again lol and told me to keep the wrong ones! Seriously i cant stress this enough. A+++++++++++ service!

Guess i was wrong about keeping the wrong fans they sent me rolleyes.gif Got a prepaid label and a email today to send them back.
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yeah corsair support is awesome. I was able to get free return shipping on all my RMAs by calling them and if you can prove to them it was a manufacturing defect (I had the noisy tx750)
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