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Just finished upgrading my system a bit. Loving how quiet it is so far. Here are the specs.

Intel Core i7 3770-k
EVGA GeForce Nvidia GTX 580 Water Cooled Edition (Block built by swiftech)
Corsair HX750 Power Supply
EVGA z77 FTW Motherboard
Samsung 256 GB SSD
XSPC CPU water block
Koolance RP 1005 Pump and Reservoir Combo (Fan Controller)
NZXT Fan Controller
Koolance and Swiftech Fittings
1 Switftech 120 mm Rad (1 Corsair Pressure Fan)
1 Swiftech 240 mm Rad (4 Corsair Pressure Fans)
Corsair Obsidian 750d Case
Windows 7 (Cause I think W8 sucks)
The colored white box is a liquid temperature sensor.

From my experience it was well worth it to put the hours into this build, but make sure that you purchase enough angled fittings. (I had to re-order more!)
I would recommend making something similar to this as it is so much quieter than my previous air build.
Temps for CPU run around 30 idle, 35-40 gaming
Temps for GPU run around 25 idle, 30-32 gaming
Fluid Temp Running out after the GPU are about 24-27 C.

Current System

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