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I want to buy a computer case, and I want to know which one to buy. I bought all my other parts with a silent/very quiet pc in mind, and I know that a good case will help reduce noise. The only cases that are available to me are: NZXT Phantom full tower and NZXT Phantom 530.
The full tower comes with: Rear (1 X 120mm), SIDE (2 x 120mm), TOP (1 x LED 200mm). 4 fans in total.
The Phantom 530 comes with: Fron (1 x 200mm), Rear 1x140mm. 2 fans in total.
Im not planning to add or replace any fan in the case, is it enough to have only one big 200mm in the front, and one 140mm in the rear ? I guess if only 2 fans are enough, this will make the pc more quieter.
Which one of these two cases will make my pc more quieter without adding or replacing any fan ?
Thank you.