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my pc has: Asus P8Z68 v pro gen 3 , 2600K @4.5 (offset voltage) , H100 Cooler.

i have had the computer for around a year and a half now and at 4.5ghz. i was getting 65-74C on load.

2 days ago i cleaned my computer from dust, i just went over everything with a dust brush and a vacuum hose close behind to suck all the dust in the air. i didn't take any parts out, i brushed around the h100 pump and laid the computer on its side briefly, picked up the pc and placed it back in my room.

now i am getting 85-94C on load and changing the speed mode on the block doesn't make much of a difference. maybe 1-3 degrees.

i did a re-seat twice reapplying thermal paste (MX4) and nothing has changed.

i can feel a good flow in both hoses, checked the pump rpm (2084-2168). i did notice most of the heat accumulates at the beginning of the radiator where the hoses connect and not much spreads accorss.

would appreciate any tips. thanks.