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So I recently built a super machine and it runs great for everything. I overclocked it and got really high on the benchmark sites and after I was done I backed everything down to very very stable.

I decided to get back to the daily computing and install the couple of games I play. I installed COD Ghosts when it came out and it runs fine as long as I don't use the most recent driver.

I don't like Ghosts so I installed Black Ops 2 which I previously played a lot. However, after each multiplayer game is over the game crashes. I can't seem to figure it out. I tried every combination

of drivers and settings I could think of. I even backed all the settings on the game to the lowest possible. I reinstalled Steam and Call of Duty, verified files, and everything I could find through

research and still the same problem. Sometimes it will freeze in game but 90% of the time it's as soon as it ends and tries to go back to the lobby.

It's all a little weird considering Ghosts was working fine. So I decided to try another recent game I played "Dead Space 3". This game crashes right away as soon as it loads. So I decided

to try to run my old mouse and keyboard. That didn't help either. Next I tried removing my headphones. No luck. I then went into device manager and uninstalled all of the following

Audio Inputs and Outputs:

Digital Audio (S/PDIF)(ASUS XONAR PHOEBUS Audio Device)

Headset Earphone (USB Audio Device)

Headset Microphone (USB Audio Device)

Sound Video Game Controllers:

Asus Xonar Phoebus Audio Device

The 4 versions of "High defination audio device" which I assume is coming from my cards even though I chose NOT to install them on setup.

Astro USB Audio Device

My Astro headsets are USB so I only use the Asus sound card if I'm using my external speakers.

After removing all of these from Device Manager all of a sudden I can load and play Dead Space3 however, there is no sound and as soon as I connect

any sound device it crashes. These changes did nothing to help the Call of Duty crashes though.

I was thinking maybe I need to run headsets that actually plug into the sound card however in my other computer I have no problem with

almost the same setup exactly. I also don't know why my video cards keep loading their audio drivers even though it's disabled in Nvidia Control panel

and was not checked when I installed the driver software from clean installs. I guess in the case of Dead Space 3 I'm wondering if the devices are clashing with one another

somehow. So I tried unplugging everything except my headphones and it still crashes no matter what sound device is hooked up.

I called Asus just to see if they had any suggestions. He suggested that I try a different power supply that natively supports 4 video cards instead of running any type of

connectors. He thinks it "could" cause a problem and that my 1500w PSU might just be maxed out. That sounds nice and all but right now I'm not running any overclocking

on ANYTHING which uses MUCH less power and I shouldn't be short on power. Needless to say I just ordered a fully modular Lepa G1600W PSU just to see. I do

know that when I was overclocking I was possibly running short on power as my backup battery was beeping and screaming "overvoltage" lol It's possible a 1500 just isn't quite

enough when overclocking but for a stock setup?

PLEASE please any suggestions. I'm getting really frustrated at this point and not sure what to try next. Could it be bad RAM? With the stock 1333 setting's it's very stable. But,

with XMP profile selected it puts my RAM to 2133. Even though the computer is very stable Prime95 and Intel Burnin say no. Not sure why, so I run it at 1333.

Sorry for the book, just trying to give is much info as I can.

Here is the system specs

CPU: 4960x

RAM: 8x4=32 Gig of Dominator Platinum 2133

GPU: 4 GTX Titans

Motherboard: Rampage IV Extreme

PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 1500w

Sound Card: Asus Xonar Phoebus

OS: Windows 8.1 (Tried it on 8.0 first)

Drives: 2 Samsung raid 0 drives and 2 Hitachi raid 1 storage drives

1 Blue Ray player

4 pumps and 13 fans

Thanks for any help or suggestions. Kind of a bummer to have this overkill computer and not even be able to play games on it.. lol