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So I have an old system running as my server. It has 8TBs worth of drives, 2x 1TB, 3x 2TB drives.

For a while now (among many other issues, why I built a new system) I have been having an issue with video files. They will freeze and crash if I fast forward, or if I let it play, it will eventually stop at some point and not be able to finish. Now these files were fine originally. It appears to be random, as it does not seem to be with files only one drive, I have moved these broken files to another system, same issue. Something just seems to break the file at some point after adding it to my system.

I have run Hard Drive tests, and most say they are fine, or inconclusive. I would do more system testing, but its' old enough to be more work then wanted.

I have a new system built and ready to go, just need to find cheap enough 3TB or 4TB drives. My question though is, what can cause this type of issue? If I were to move all the files (that I believe do not have the issue) to my new system (when I get new drives) can it possibly cause the issue on the new system? What if I do keep some of the drives, how do I know if the drive is actually bad (and the testers just dont work) or if it was caused by a RAM issue or something else. Will these drives destroy my new system....

Any other suggestions? No RAID running on the old or new system. These are just single drives.