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Hi, so my rig specs for now is :

Mobo : Rampage IV Formula
CPU : i7 3820 @ 4GHz
RAM : 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance Dual Channel
HDD : WD Green 2 TB & WD Black 1 TB
SSD : OCZ Agility 3 120GB
VGA : Asus GTX560Ti DCU2
PSU : Seasonic X650

I'm running i7 3820 and it is completely stable on my first year. But a few this month i started to getting BSOD and i think the culprit is RAM sticks that went retard. I can't do any memtest because my place electricity is not stable. The government electricity company will suddenly cut off my power for at least 1 hour without any warning. And then my RAM just now seems to be defective. It is detected for only 4 GB instead of 8 GB. I don't want to replace the RAM and I hardly trust Corsair now since i have already returned the sticks once and my PSU HX series twice and ask for refund from the store then upgraded to Seasonic X650. And I also considering for replace it for good. So that i want to ask you guys here, is there any good and matching RAM for my board and processor that is DUAL CHANNEL (please note i use push pull configuration on my Black Megahalems. The slot is covered by the fans.) And if possible it is red? What i need is 8 GB and overclock the RAM is not a must since base is okay. I think that's it. Please help me choose since i need a stable system guys! Thanks for now biggrin.gif