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A few years ago, I was assembling a 2500K gaming build, but health issues stopped me before I acquired a graphics card for the system and I simply didn't have the opportunity to finish while ill. I don't want to simply waste those components I'd already purchased so now I'm hoping to salvage what should still be a decent computer with a graphics card as lingering issues leave me unsure when I will upgrade the cpu/mobo (probably not for another year or so).

So the question on my mind is exactly what card I should buy as I've been out of the game for quite a while. I've been doing some research and I'm torn between two different directions: 1) buying a more powerful/recent card (290, 280x, 780, 770, etc.) for $3-400 in the hopes of future performance in upcoming games or 2) possibly buying a 7950 for $150 or so with the recent glut in cheap used cards, maybe overclocking it (this would be new to me), and putting the extra money away for when new architectures come out in a couple years. Because it's been so long, I don't entirely trust my information here, so I'm unsure how future-proof the 7950 would be and I've also read the 290 series reference coolers are poor but third party cards with other coolers are unavailable yet. I'm also fairly unaware of which brand and models would be best at the moment. I have no preferences between nVidia and AMD, and while I haven't done it before, I'm potentially open to SLI/Xfire solutions. Any advice would be appreciated.
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