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Looking for good low-light point-and-shoot for $135 or less

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I am not up to date on the camera technology. But is there something I could get for that price?

I am not an expert, but a bigger sensor would be necessary for better low-light performance, right? Basically I need some camera, bulky or not, that can take decent indoor pics without flash.

I've run into some cameras that also take blurry pics, as if slightly out of focus even in bright light, so I would not want to run into that again... I'd need something that can take crisp shots.

If I can't get a new camera for that price, are there some good used ones from previous generations that meet my needs in that price range?
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I can't think of a single new camera near that price range that would be good in low light. Even a DSLR with a good lens struggles without flash.
A larger sensor will diminish noise in the image, especially at higher ISO's, but it doesn't allow you to have a faster shutter speed, just due to the sensor size.
What matters is how wide a lens can open. F2.8 is about the largest aperture that you can find on a point and shoot, but this also gives you a shallow depth of field. The smaller the number, the wider it opens, thus it can be better in low light with no flash.

Most point and shoots can take decent pictures, but it all comes down to light and stability.

Blur in a photo comes from motion. Whether it is from the person holding the camera or a subject.

Things that will help with your current camera would be to use a tripod/mono pod or even set the camera on a table, rather than hand held.
Kneel or lean on something when you take a picture.
Turn up your ISO higher (if possible), but this will introduce noise to your image.
Clean your lens. Often people will have a finger print on their lens or even a scuff from not taking care of it.
If your camera has flash exposure compensation, lower the flash out put for a better image.

In your price range you may be able to find a used older Lumix model (or other brands for that matter) on Ebay etc. Some of these have a lens that opens up to F2.8.
These camera will look like a DSLR, but will not have a replaceable lens.

I don't know of any models off the top of my head, but this gives you somewhere to start.

You can get a Canon T2i body (dslr) for about $300 and a nifty 50 F/1.8 lens for $100 new.
A Nikon D3100 body (dslr) for a little less then the Canon, and a 50mm F/1.8 for just over $100.

Keep in mind that a 50mm lens is almost too much of a zoom for an average in door shot. 17-35 mm is more suited for most indoor applications.
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