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Hello everyone, i got 2 questions about Dxtory, and i would be really glad if you could help me with smile.gif
I make youtube videos for about 2 years now (
I used to use Fraps, but then switched to Dxtory and have been using it for almost a year now.
When i record a short (maximum 30 mins long) video, and then extract audio streams, its all good and then edit it all together. But when i record a longer video (30 mins and longer), when i split the audio files, it only extracts the first 14 mins of the audio, and i can do nothing to get the whole thing, and end up deleting some really great footage..
Can anyone please explain to me why this happens to me and how can i fix it?

Question 2: What's the best audio codec i can use for a super computer?

Thanks in advance everyone.