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Yes a network segment is just a particular part of a network. It can be referred to as a specific VLAN or a DMZ. You may be better off getting the Network + to get a better understanding of the basics before jumping into the CCNA. I am not saying you couldn't go straight for the CCNA you may just have a little steeper learning curve is all.
He needs to learn to stand before he can run, so I would not be telling him he needs to start working on his CCNP R/S just yet. Given the fact that you are saying he should go for his CCNP before a CCNA as it is a lower tier, makes me scratch my head as to your actual knowledge. At this point he doesn't know what network segments are or what a broadcast domain is.

I agree that CBT's will help him tremendously, but so will just picking up a book and just reading too.

Yes GNS3 will work great for emulating a router, however it doesn't emulate switches and regardless he would also have to have a CCO account just so he could get an IOS to utilize to load.

Obviously he would have to go for CCNA before CCNP. Buy telling him to for go for CCNP he would see all the prerequisites exams such as CCENT and CCNA.

Network + is "POO" and the latest CCNA course material have been revised to cover everything important better than before.

You don't need a CCO account to download IOS images for GNS3. Just Google it and get them for free for your studying.

You won't have to buy cheap switches until CCNP. GNS3 DOES basic switching by adding a virtual switch module to your GNS3 router.