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Welcome Humans, Elfs, Hobbits and Dwarfs!

LOTRO is a MMORPG that follows the story line of the Lord of The Rings series. The community in LOTRO lacks a source of players that are well knowledgeable in many topics that span the OCN website. The goal is to have a Kinship that players will feel confident in asking computer related question and essentially join our community here on

If you are on a server and want to make a OCN Kinship, leave a message and I will add it to the list!

If you are interested in joining the following servers will have Overclockers of Middle Earth present:

  • Needs 10 players to create the title!
  • Looking for officers!
  • P.O.C = Fremish

~~~Please note that the bullets under the servers are the goals each server is working on. You can also view the P.O.C on each server~~~

Cannot wait to see you in game! smile.gif