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Gigabyte 970-UD3 temperature question

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Last night I ran a 3D Mark Firestrike Benchmark that achieved the highest Physics score I've yet managed with my FX-8350 at 5.1 GHz and Northbridge at 2400Mhz ( something like 9880 for those wondering, it's in the Firestrike thread). Now even getting that minor overclock on the Northbridge stable was a monumental struggle, but that is a question for another day.

Today my concern is temps. I'm running a fully custom loop so core temps are not a problem in Hardware info, as they peak at 55 C with the ton of voltage (1.5+) required for 5.1 GHz. I realized though that I have no idea what the Tmp1, Tmp2, and Tmp3 temps represent on my board. My concern is that Tmp3 peaks under heavy overcock at 71-74C. Now on my old AM3 board that temp was the northbridge and could easily handle 80-90C or so, but on this board I simply don't know what it represents, and with my fear being it's the socket, I'm a bit cautious to do anymore till I find out.

So any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Tmp3 should be the northbridge
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