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Current BAM status:


Works (at last partialy) with frontends like HyperPin, Pinball X
Support for two monitors setup.
Scaling of table & backbox.
More flexible light params.
Correct 3D perspective.
Real time tracking of player-head to give feel of depth for pinball table.
Stereoscopic 3D: Anaglyph glasses for ordinary screens, Passive and Active glasses for 3D TV/monitors.
Future Pinball internal physics files on the fly replacment.
Advanced rendering: per pixel lighting, Normal/Displacment Maps.

Supported Head Tracking:

WiiMotes Cam (2x WiiMotes used to trace IR-LED on player head).
WebCam / PS3 Eye cam (Player face is traced to modifi camera position in 2 axis: X & Y).
Head Tracking with two PS3 Eye cams.
Microsoft Kinect.

Work in progres:

Finish manual