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Yes, we could both make varying sets of conditions which would sway results .... I was just recalling one of my college courses from 25+ years ago where we were asked to do that exercise ..... we had to find the optimum mounting locations to provide 6 air changes per minute in a building and given various mounting locations. For either intake / exhaust. So while we all spent hours trying to "do math" and look at curves to figure it out, the answer didn't involve math .....was a KISS concept.

Place the powered exhaust high and intakes low was the answer. No math involved smile.gif Exhaust high to take the warmer air out, intakes low to provide best circulation and to make the inlet filters accessible for cleaning w/ ladders.... smile.gif
Indeed. and fairly applicable to computer cases.. except now GPUs often generate more heat than CPU so we need to exhaust their heated air without it going through CPU cooler... often by using a side vent and/or a back vent instead of PCI slot covers.. if enough unused PCI slots are available. CPU tower coolers work nicely into airflow from front to back.. even better if an intake fan can be put in upper part of tower where optical bays are. But GPU coolers dump air everywhere making it much harder to keep heated exhaust from mixing into / heating up cooler intake air.
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Hi guys, it has been a while,

So I have 2 intake in the front (240ishCFM) 1 rear exhaust, and the two stock h100i fans with the radiator on top (total rear exhaust is 220ish cfm).

The corsair link software is not always showing fans, I hear its a windows 8.1 thing...sigh, anyways when it doesn't work it sound like my fans are on max...so I have proceeded to OC.

My idle temps, non-OCed CPU, with OC genie activated for the GPU are 30 degrees C for the CPU (i54670K) and 43 C for the GPU (770GTX Twin Frozr MSI), ambient room temp @ 25 degrees C.

That's pretty decent idle temps no?

Underload the cpu does not break 60 degrees at all.

Now with overclocking thats a work in progress I'll probably be starting a thread on but right now I have the Intex XTU running 40 minutes with no crash yet......
4.4GHz Core Clock @1.39V
4.0 Cache Clock @1.39V
Processor Input voltage @ 2V

I was able to boot windows with 4.3GHz Core clock with no less than 1.26V (all other settings on auto)....so I don't have that great an overclocker I guess.
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