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Hello everyone,

i wanted to share a project, which i have considered doing, for quite a while.
Here is a quick drawing of what i plan to do.

The loop will likely be in the following order.
Pump -> Gpu -> MB 1 -> Cpu -> MB 2 -> Rad -> Res

As a Rad, i plan using the Mora 3, mounted on the non window side of the case. I thought about the best way to connect the mora to the loop and came up with the following.
I will add bulkhead connectors to the left wall of the case, at the locations where the rad has its connectors. The partial loop outside of the case will be fixed to the two bulkheads, while the part of the loop connected to the bulkead inside the case should look something like this:

The rest of the loop is in the layout at the beginning of the post.

Here is a overview of the considered system components:
CPU: 4930k [already delivered]
CPU Block: Not decided yet, most likely Kyros HF or CPU-380I
RAM: No decided yet ( some 32gb ddr3 )
MB: Still not sure whether to pick up Rampage IV or P9x79e-WS
MB Block: Not decided yet
GPU-Block: Kryographics nickel [already delivered]
PUMP: Considering options, likely MCP 655 or aquastream xt
RES: A 5.25 bay res
RAD: Mora 3 with 4x180 Fans
FAN-Ctrl: Not decided yet