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There's a difference between comparing number of megapixels and comparing sensor size. Nokia has the most megapixels and the biggest sensor. So they aren't just some bs crappy megapixels used for marketing; hence why he gave the Nokia 1020 the only 10 out of 10 in comparison to all the other phones. Guess where that 10 was.....Sharpness and Details.

He gives the nod to the samsung because of the 4k video; though that's subjective.

In the meantime, keep harping on about this one particular reviewer while ignoring all the reviews from big tech sites that I've already offered you. Also, rewatch your own videos and pay attention to what he's saying about the Nokia. Not once does he claim it's all just a hoax. In fact he said shots will be "beautiful, perfect shots, wouldn't ever expect to get that out of a smart phone."

Most review sites put the Note 3's camera (aside from the video abilities) in line with the SG4; unanimously. In this guys review, you can see how the SG4 compares to the 1020.

By no means does this make it a better phone, just countering your message based off a single review.

Sharpness and details is only one criteria and IMO a difference between a 9 and 10 out of 10 is minimal in today's world. When do you hear about people taking 41MP photos and uploading them on social media? To be honest, 8MP is enough. Anything above that is a waste unless you're a professional photographer and/or need to crop images.

The most important criteria is image processing. The Galaxy Note 3 is by far the best at this.