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I'm confused and frustrated. The other day I finally got my system running games without crashing. I was able to play for hours. Today, it crashes after a few minutes. I have no idea why.

CPU : AMD FX 8350 @4300mhz (tested and stable)
GPU: MSI HD R7950 (ran at stock and at small OC - now crashes on both settings)
HDD : 2tb Seagate
Mobo: ASUS M5A97 R2.0

My temps are fine, and like I said, everything ran fine for two days. My monitor was only set for 1600x900. Realizing it could be set at 1920x1080 I did just that and used te AMD vision engine to stretch the display to fill the screen.

That was the only thing that was changed. But it ran smoothly for two days after that. Now, today, it just crashes.

Are there settings that I am missing?

Should I be running a DVI instead of an HDMI cable?

I can run Unigines "Valley" just fine. But when I tried to run "Heaven", it crashes. Even on stock settings.

Just now I put it back to 1600x900 and it ran longer without a crash (but I had to leave).

It seems like the resolution is an issue. And I am guessing that there is some setting that is incorrectly set.