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Considering a 290X + Waterblock.

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As title suggests i am considering a 290X, looked on the internet alot but its hard to find watercooled results vs the 780Ti.
What i am wondering, is can a watercooled and overclocked 290X beat a overclocked 780Ti? I am just wondering as i can buy a waterblock from the price difference between the two, watercooled and air 780Ti answers would be good. not too picky.

Lastly, i have two EX rads, 240 and 360. Thats 600mm of skinny rads, with 5 GT15's on them. Will that be enough to cool it? i personally think so, but i have seen people recommend crazy setups for the 290x. If not, what will i need? i5 2500k is in the loop, stock.

Thanks guys.
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If you can fit a waterblock on 290X at same price of 780Ti or less I would take 290X,Then crossfire at any time.AMD has fixed crossfire and scales better than nviida at the moment and with AMD mantle is coming more FPS.Just a win win with AMD .
Also Never settle Bundle Vs NVidia bundle no contest for me.
AMD all the way,even though I am running 680 sli in this machine as I type this crap.

There all the same,go with cheapest and best bundle.
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