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I had an issue with my RAID-5, which I made a foolish error by switching the Controller off of RAID mode and then back in the BIOS, which I believe caused this issue. I have some vital data on it and I need to recover (ideally just re-instate?) the thing. I've tried a few other forums without much luck, so I'm hoping someone here is enough of an expert to save my ass!

Below is the detailed request I sent to Gigabyte (MoBo manufacturer), but I haven't had a reply yet.
I have had a RAID-5 setup (4 drives x 3TB each) with this MoBo for the past 4 months or so. After some BIOS level tinkering to solve an unrelated problem, I was no longer able to load up the RAID. The RAID is set up on the Intel SATA Controller.

What I believe caused this issue was that I briefly and hastily changed the Intel SATA Controller from RAID Mode to AHCI Mode, saved, and then switched it back shortly after. When I boot up, I can access the Intel RAID BIOS, which shows RAID Volumes as "None Defined", and lists all four drives as Non-Raid Drives (Photo:

Windows-side, in Disk Management, there are two entries of ~8 TB (which is the RAID), and what appears to be two of the 3 TB drives listed individually, with one of the 8TB Disks listed as "Offline" due to "signature collision" (Photo: I do not know if this is Windows just being confused about that current configuration vs the previous one, or if this info is useful at all.

***All I really need to know is how to get the RAID Controller to re-identify the RAID array***

The only option I can see available is to simply create a new RAID Volume in the BIOS, but I am sure this would result in losing all of my data (correct me if I am wrong). The data that is on these drives is absolutely vital, and I cannot lose it.

If anyone has even the slightest idea of what I might do, I am all ears! Huge thanks to whoever can help me solve this!