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Deionized water for watercool loop?

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Can you use deionized water instead of distilled water for a watercool loop? They dont really sell distilled water here in shops, and its a tad expensive buying it online. Deionized water on the other hand is relatively cheap and available at most supermarkets.
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yes just use biocide with it
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It should be fine realistically.
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As far as watercooling goes, the difference between distilled and deionized is inconsequential. Go with distilled if you can get it easy / cheap enough, but if where you live distilled is hard to find and deionized is prevalent, then by all means you can use it instead with no worries. Just as long as you are going to use a few drops of PTNuke or a silver kill coil or some other similar biological control in any case, you're good to go.

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If you have easy access to both get distilled. But in Europe many use deionized, since it is everywhere and cheap like distilled is in USA, and distilled is more difficult to access. And since OP is in Canada, if they have easy cheap access to deionized and not distilled, then I would use deionized in that case...but I would check cost in pharmacy if u say they sell it.

Fact is you will probably introduce more bacteria and microorganisms yourself than exists in either distilled or deionized water... from your components that you handled, fittings, your pouring water, inside rad, inside your res, etc. And using a biocide will make either distilled or deionized ok.

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I just ordered some distilled from amazon, bought a kill coil too. I take it i throw that kill coil in the res?
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A res is usually the best place for a silver kill coil. Anywhere the water constantly flows past it and it can't move around to much from where it's at.
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is the kill coil bigger than the output port? I read you can put it inside tubing lol
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