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Originally Posted by bustacap22 View Post

Build should be fantastic. Something to consider is to possibly add another rad to the loop. A 240 rad, I feel would just be perfect. Your pump is plenty to handle another rad and I am sure you will not have any issues with heat. Plus, you would still be fine when adding another GPU to your system which will more than likely happen. Also, you can add a drain plug to this rad assuming you install it on the bottom of your 750d case. Good Luck

i would love to add another rad ( 280mm ) in the front ,,

but i'm on a tight budget right now and i may add it later when i see the temps on my build and order the remaining accessories for my build ( Light - Fan controller - etc )

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Originally Posted by 7Mine7 View Post

Originally Posted by GRPace View Post

-Go with the SP120 I like the look as well and corsair makes good products and matches case

-Should be good, go with what you think will work best for your loop

-Yes it will be good enough

-Go red tubes, dont want to mess with adding coolant/dyes

Thanks ,, i think i will go for the colored tube

Originally Posted by natsu2014 View Post

Gentle Typhoons will be ok. The are considerably more silent than SP 120 and You don't need so much static pressure on your rad. My SP120 Quiet are really quiet on 5v, GT AP15 are much more quiet at 1500rpm than SP120 Quiet at 7v.

thanks that was helpful ,,of course the noise factor is really important to me so if i go with the SP120 then i will go with quiet version because i heard that the performance which has weird sound !

Don't get me wrong. I would choose GT ap15 over any corsair sp. SP quiet are not quiet, well they are but at 5v which means almost no airflow. I'd stick to ap15's if I were you
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