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Hi everyone,

I need some help, basically I'm building my first water cooled set-up but I have hit a wall,

before I start, this is my water cooling /components/products/equipment:

Aquacomputer Aqualis XT 450ml Reservoir
Aquacomputer D5 and top
Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos HF
2X AquaComputer kryographics acrylic GTX Titan
2X Hardware Labs Black ICE Radiator GT Xtreme 560 (with Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro PK-3 fans)

My question is... I was originally planning on a dual loop, but can a single loop be done as followed:

Res--> Pump--> Rad--> Sli GPU Waterblocks--> Pump--> Rad--> CPU Waterblock--> Res

The reason i'm considering a second pump is because the size of the case which is a Caselabs STH10 case and one rad will be at the bottom and the other will be at the top. is the second pump needed ? or will it help?

so just to clarify

Can i run a single loop set-up?
is the set-up order all right?
Will the second pump help? if so where in the loop will it work better?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you